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Stairway to Zeppelin

Stairway to Zeppelin is considered by many the #1 Led Zeppelin tribute in the world, delivering Led Zeppelin's to-the-note studio and live recordings. Consisting of four incredible Nashville based studio and touring musicians, they have toured with Garth Brooks, REO Speedwagon, The Black Crowes, Kenny Chesney, Jewel, Heart, Rascal Flats, and others, plus they all have many TV, film, and commercial credits to their names. Stairway to Zeppelin performs a show with visual effects and the latest in sound technology with an unparalleled attention to a mix of the iconic Led Zeppelin. The charisma and musicianship in STZ are world-class, bringing goosebumps and excitement to the audience musically and visually. Be prepared to be transported to a time when rock ruled the world! You will surely agree that Stairway to Zeppelin is the best Led Zeppelin tribute you have ever seen. By the way, NO wigs!

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